A Definite Guide to Levels of Reiki

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Reiki is an energy healing technique. It is an alternative health approach. It is worth noting that this healing technique does not cure illnesses or diseases directly. Rather, it is used as a way for managing symptoms as well as improving general well-being. It is believed that practitioners could stimulate the natural healing abilities of the body.

Receiving Reiki from a professional, relative or a friend is a wonderful experience; however, there are several reasons to consider learning to practice reiki. Understand, reiki could be learned as well as practiced as self-care by any individual who is interested, irrespective of age or state of health of the person. Reiki self-care helps to reduce stress, restore balance as well as reconnect with wellness experience.

Reiki Training and Levels of Reiki

Learning reiki self-care could benefit healthy individuals and those having chronic health conditions, be it fatigue syndromes, asthma, depression, cancer, heart disease, or diabetes. This is one of the key reasons why people are getting Reiki Training In Los Angeles. Whether you wish to become a reiki practitioner or learn Reiki for self-care, you need to have a general understanding of its different levels. While some of the components of the levels are standardized, every master would teach the levels a bit differently.

Typically, reiki training has three levels, each level centered on ‘attunement’, education as well as practice. Attunement is something that makes reiki different from other procedures of healing touch as well as energy work. The process of attunement opens up the body so that the learner could transmit the healing energy and lasts for the entire life. You could take the course for learning reiki levels.

Usually, the level 1 and level 2 training could be completed throughout the weekend. However, level 3 requires time. It is advised to keep some time in between every level. Doing so would provide you the time for developing your skills as well as get some experience in practice. You could perform Reiki on plants, animals, other people, and even on yourself.

Level 1 of Reiki: First Degree (Shoden)

Level 1 is open to anyone. It is the initiation of the practitioner into reiki. During level 1, the focus is on the opening of energy channels on the physical level. It allows the learner to connect with the universal life force energy, which flows from the cosmos via the head’s crown to the heart as well as hands.

Typically, level 1 of course includes an overview of the reiki’s history. Numerous masters highlight the self-reiki as the goal line of level 1, inspiring learners to focus on practicing the reiki on themselves. This way the learners could work through their obstacles.

Level 1 Attunement

Initially, the level 1 attunement was provided in 4 distinct attunements. Some reiki masters still use this method for teaching their students. However, many masters give the level 1 attunement in one session. After getting first attunement, numerous learners experience the energy’s physical symptoms in their palms that include heat, coolness, or tingling.

It is worth noting that after level 1 attunement, sadness, exhaustion as well as anxiousness are common. Due to the attunement process’s intensity, the reiki masters recommend having a gap of at least 21 days to full three months between level 1 and level 2 attunement.

Before you receive reiki level 1, it is important to balance the body as well as the mind. For preparing your body and mind, consider the following

  • Avoid alcohol because it dulls the mind.
  • Avoid eating high-protein foods as they use more energy and require more digestion.
  • Eat fruits and veggies as they are healthy and easy to digest.
  • Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks as they cause the mind to be over-active.
  • Stay open-minded

Level 2 of Reiki: Second Degree (Okuden)

Level 2 provides the skills to students to open energy levels deeply and practice reiki on others. During this level, the students also get their symbols. In reiki, there are 5 symbols and each symbol corresponds to particular energy (distance, power, completion, mastery, and harmony).

It is expected from learners to use such symbols for bringing reiki’s universal energy into their daily lives in practical ways. It is worth noting that these symbols could also help practitioners send healing energy or provide reiki over long distances wherever it is required in the world.

Level 2 Attunement

Typically, the level 2 attunement is given in one attunement. It focuses on the opening of the heart chakra that is the midpoint between spiritual and physical chakras. For this attunement, the learners need to keep their eyes close so that they could look within as well as feel the effect of the process on the heart. Masters advise keeping the gaps of at least six months to one year between the level 2 training and master training. Doing so would allow the learned lessons to sink in.

Level 3 of Reiki: Third Degree (Shinpiden)

In numerous courses, the status of Reiki Master and Third Degree are the same. However, few teachers separate Reiki Master from level 3. Traditionally, the Master level is considered the level of teacher and masters could walk away as well as attune the new practitioners. However, numerous get the master attunement with the corresponding symbol. Yet, they don’t feel comfortable or practiced in attuning others properly. This is the difference between Reiki Master status and Third Degree.

Becoming a reiki master represents the deep commitment to reiki practice. Some feel that substantial time needs to pass between attaining Second Degree status as well as Master Level. As the teachers use a range of methods for teaching master level, it is advised to students to meditate on the path that feels right to them as well as spend time and consideration in choosing a master.

The reiki courses are organized as well as taught in a variety of methods. Therefore, it is crucial to research and find both formats as well as an instructor that is best for you. In case you are looking for a reiki master teacher for reiki training in Los Angeles, Brenda Pond is the best search result. She provides Reiki training as well as healing sessions. You could be in touch with her in person as well as over the phone.

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