What Do You Get in Luxury Ski Holiday in Switzerland?

luxury ski holidays in Switzerland

When you are going for a ski vacation, it is sure to cut a deep hole in your pocket. Ski holidays in switzerland are never easy on the budget as skiing is quite an expensive winter sport. However, if you are planning a ski holiday and you want to make it lavish, there are some things that you can expect in your holiday package.

Best Selection of Ski Resorts and Hotels:

If you want a luxury ski holiday, you should stay in the best ski resorts at your chosen destination. The tour organizer will offer you a selection of handpicked hotels, apartments, chalets, etc. These accommodations will provide you with complete luxury. They have every amenities’ that you can think of. Your trips will be tailor-designed keeping all your needs and requirements in mind.

Dedicated Ski Experts :

When you book a luxury ski holiday you will have a team of reliable ski experts to help you learn and enjoy the sport. These experts will provide you with all the necessary tips and techniques so that you learn this ever-amazing winter sport. Without the guidance of ski experts, you will be lost as to how to go ahead. Also, you will be given the best equipment for skiing. If you do not book a luxury ski holiday, you might get skiing equipment that is old or not in good condition.

Most Up to date Client Services :

From your lift passes, to restaurant booking everything will be done in advance. You will not have to visit the hotel and then get the ski equipment booked. Anything that you require will be made available without any delay and on a priority basis.

Delectable Meals :

In a luxury ski holiday, you get to dine at the best dining venues in Switzerland. You will get the most delicious meals prepared by Michelin-style chefs. You can even pre-order all your meals. Food is a very important part of your overall holiday experience and if you get outstanding food on your holiday, it takes your holiday experience to the next level.

So, these are some of the things that you can expect in a luxury ski holiday. If your friends and family have already booked a luxury ski vacation, you must reach out to them for tips and guidance. They will help you choose the best resort. Also, you must read the testimonials of people that have been to the ski resort that you wish to stay in. Decide what suits your needs and requirements.

These small tips will assist you to choose the best luxury ski resort in Switzerland. Always ask for the price quote and what is included in the package before you proceed. It is best to choose an all-meal inclusive holiday. This will save you from hassle later on. In many cases, it has been seen that pre-booking always helps. Get in touch with experts at My- Mountains for booking the most incredible ski vacation for you.

Tips for Pack for Ski Holiday

Now when you have booked the tickets and the time for the departure of a ski holiday is drawing near, it is crucial to start packing. This does not mean whether you are taking a weekend break, half-term break, or an off for a week, planning what you would pack is vital. Generally, the ski gear is heavy as well as bulky. You would wish to avoid carrying extra things that you don’t need.

Things You Might Need to Pack

Obviously, you would not wish the luggage to be more than the limit of 15 or 20 kg. Therefore, it is advised to check with the airline and verify the luggage limit. Most airlines have a baggage allowance of 15-20 kgs. For staying within limits as well as not paying extra for the overweight luggage, you would need to plan what is necessary for the trip. For staying organized and making the packing easier as well as efficient for your Luxury Ski Holidays in Switzerland, consider the given checklist

  • Handbag/Backpack

The items that you need to keep in your backpack/ handbag include passport, boarding pass, currency & traveler cheques, debit/credit cards, and hotel reservation print. Along with these, ensure you keep your phone’s charger, camera, plug adapter, spare memory card, and essential addresses/numbers.

  • Gear/Equipment

In case you are a beginner, it is advised not to buy any equipment. Rather, you could rent the equipment and avoid the hassle of transporting your equipment to as well as from the resort. However, in case you have your gear, ensure you take skis, ski boots, ski skins, ski boots, and ski holder straps. Do not forget to pack back protectors, avalanche kits, turning tools, and a camelback.

  • Casual Clothing

The casual clothing you would need to pack for the cold weather includes jumpers & hoodies, socks, jeans, scarves, headbands, gloves, innerwear, etc. Do not forget to keep swimming costume/trunks (in case the booked chalet has the hot tub). Ensure you pack the ski clothing as well as accessories. The list of such items includes a ski jacket, ski gloves, ski socks, neck warmer, sunglasses, and helmet (if you have your own).

Along with these, do keep the cosmetics and toiletries you use like shampoo & conditioner, contact lens solution, razor, deodorant, toothpaste & toothbrush, and first aid kit.

Handy Packing Tips

For packing all the items in the small space efficiently, consider following the handy packing advice

  • Roll the Clothes Up

Lay all the light clothing items on each other and roll them in the bundle instead of folding them. You would realize that they take less space in the suitcase and stay crinkle-free for the journey.

  • Place Fragile Items in the Helmet

In case you are taking your helmet, then consider taking its advantage. Pop the camera, goggles, perfume bottle as well as other fragile items in the helmet before packing it in a suitcase.

  • Keep Plastic Bags

Be it a home-bound journey or an outward one, you might realize at some point that a few items in the suitcase might require waterproofing. You would wish to wrap the shampoo bottle as well as other toiletries from preventing the worst from happening. You might also wish to keep the soggy items from the last day of skiing isolated from dry and clean items and also travel.

Apart from these, ensure you keep plenty of socks and underwear, at least two pair for each day. This would help you to change (if you get a bit sweaty during the day) and stay fresh as well as comfortable.

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