Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Hemp Fabric

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Many people do not know that hemp is the common name for Cannabis. It is worth noting that industrial hemp could be put to several uses that include producing healthy food, textile, fuel, biodegradable plastic, and paper. This happens to be a plant that does not have significance only in the medicine world, but the world of fashion as well.

Interesting Facts About Hemp Fabric

In case you are environmentally conscious, hemp is a great option. Cotton is also a natural fabric; however, the problem is that during the cultivation period it requires so many pesticides and insecticides. The chemicals tend to leach into the soil and impact the ecosystem negatively. Moreover, for growing cotton, there is a need for a lot of water.

However, hemp grows quickly and doesn’t require much water for thriving. This fabric has come a long way and taking on the world. Even the top fashion brands are incorporating this fabric in their clothing line. If you planning to invest in Sustainable Hemp Clothing, here are a few interesting facts that you need to know

Comfortable & Easy to Wear

Many people have the misconception that hemp is an uncomfortable fabric that might be rough on the skin. However, the truth is totally different. Over the years, this fabric has gained huge popularity as the designers have been able to process comfortable, sophisticated as well as fashionable versions of it. The fabric is a bit coarser; however, with successive wash cycles, the softness improves.


Hemp is considered one of the strongest fibres. In comparison to cotton as well as wool, this fabric is quite sturdy. In case you are one of those who travels a lot or needs to be outdoors due to work and wish the clothes to survive consistent wear and tear, then hemp is a perfect choice. It could bear weight as well as take a lot of damage.


Hemp is a plant-based fibre, so, it does not absorb water quickly. In case someone splashes water on you accidentally, you would not end up embarrassed and drenched. It is an ideal choice for clumsy people who tend to spill liquids.

Lightweight as well as Breathable

Fabrics like polyester and nylon are not breathable. You would notice that people who wear such fabrics oftentimes have the body odour. Whereas natural fabrics allow the skin to breathe. The fibers are light as well as do not stick to the skin. In case you are those who like to stay comfortable all the time, hemp is the best choice for you as it is a breathable fabric.

Does Not Crease Easily

Hemp fabric is gaining huge popularity among designers and the reason behind that is it is easy to design. It is important to note that this fabric does not crease easily. This makes it a great choice for people who do not like ironing clothes. Moreover, this doesn’t catch the stain, and it is quite easy to clean. Above all, this fabric has a good shape. As the fall of this fabric is outstanding, it is used for creating both Western and Indian outfits.


Numerous fabrics lose their colour and luster right after a few wears. The reason is that they could not stand the sun’s harsh rays. However, hemp is known to absorb UV rays. Unlike cotton and silk, hemp does not tarnish.

Even after multiple wears, this fabric looks as good as new as well as the colours continue to be vibrant. You could wear the ethical hemp fabrics in summer as they absorb the UV rays as well as protect the wearer.

Easy to Sport

One of the best things about hemp is that this fabric is neither too thin nor too thick. You could wear it during summers easily as it feels comfortable. This happens to have a nice as well as flowy drape that would keep you at ease. Moreover, you could wear the same garments in winter by layering them up and you would look amazing.


Hemp is a fabric that happens to be versatile. It could be blended with the other weak fabrics for making them strong. In case you wish to wear something soft and lightweight, yet sturdy, then investing in a silk-hemp blend would be the right choice.

Mold Resistant

One of the excellent qualities of hemp is that it is mold resistant. It is important to note that it is spun uniquely this is the reason why it stays fresh as well as clean for a longer time. The fabric is resistant to microbes such as fungi or bacteria. Your clothes could sit in the almirah for a long time; however, they still, feel as well as look fresh.


It is important to note that hemp is recyclable. There are times when clothes are worn out beyond the point and even giving them away as charity is not the option. In such cases, throwing away for landfills is the last option that leads to guilty. Once you are done with your shirt, trouser, top, or kurta, you could easily recycle it. You would not feel the guilt of adding to landfills as this fabric is biodegradable.

Apart from these, another interesting fact is that this fabric is available in natural colours. While the designers like to colour this fabric in organic dye, these could easily pass off as good-looking garments without dying. If you wish to purchase sustainable hemp clothing, Hemp & Hope is the best choice. They ship worldwide and provide free domestic shipping over £40. You could explore the collection and purchase the best pieces according to your size and budget.

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