The Challenges Of Jewish Evangelism

Jewish evangelism ministries

Predicting your future has been the bread and butter for fortune-tellers. He may just go on predicting your future while gazing at a crystal ball, reading tarot cards, or reading your palm. Sometimes they work like good guesses while at other times they make no sense. Whatever it is, predictions are often not reliable since they are mostly half-true or not true at all.

God Is The Greatest Fortune Teller

This is, however, about fortune-tellers. What does God say about your future in the Bible? Indeed, God has already revealed what will occur in people’s lives. You must first trust God before you can believe and rely on what God has said. This is what Christian evangelism ministries in Israel have been attempting to teach the Israeli people.

Teaching The Gospel Of Jesus To Israeli People

The people of Israel are a different breed altogether. This is a country where Jesus lived and died. Indeed, for pious Christians around the world, Israel is a source of inspiration. Yet, there are not many Christians in the country. Christianity constitutes just 2% of Israel’s population. This is why Israel ministries for Christianity are preaching the gospel of Christianity to the people of Israel. However, they have not yet had a good record at baptizing many of them. Although it is fair to say that most Christians in Israel are baptized.

The Way Forward For Jewish Evangelism Ministries

The people of Israel have a good knowledge and understanding of Jesus. This is why evangelic missions need to have a good understanding of the teachings of Jesus to explain to them the mission and vision of Christianity. Jewish evangelism ministries need to have a good understanding of the prophecies of the messiah. You need to have all the answers to the questions that people may ask about the gospel of Christianity. You also need to have a good grasp of the genealogy of Christians in Israel.

Christian Evangelism In Israel

Needless to say Christian evangelism is tough in Israel. This is why Christian missionaries are now trying to merge the Messianic prophecies with the life of Jesus. And reap the advantage of the genealogy of the people of Israel.


Being a Christian evangelic missionary in Israel is not easy. It is hard to project Christian views in the land of Jesus since these people are aware of his life, death, and teachings a lot. This calls for a concerted effort. Merging the prophecies of Jesus with the life of Jesus can be a good idea to proceed with.

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