Everything You Need to Know About Climbing Toys for Toddlers

climbing toys for kids

The excitement to see your child take his first step is inexpressible. What follows is the urge to record, imprint, and cherish it for the rest of your life. This multiplies when the steps turn to little runs all around the house. There is a never-seen-before kind of liveliness in the air. Just when the hang of walking is set, the things that follow are hops, skips, and jumps.

Usually, once toddlers are well accustomed to walking, they tend to perform more advanced activities like running, jumping, kicking, and climbing. These are advanced gross motor skills. From teething toys to walkers, every new phase of your child was aided with a toy. We say, why not try that with climbing too!

Why Emphasize Climbing?

Climbing helps babies develop balance and build strength. Babies learn how to plan and coordinate the skills necessary to organize and accordingly carry out complex motor tasks. Around the age of 10 months, babies generally start climbing on furniture, chairs, little stools, etc. This escalates to climbing stairs and toy motorcycles by the age of 12 months.

As children gain a surrounding sense with vestibular development, it contributes to gaining more awareness about themselves. They start noticing where the arms and legs are and try moving them together. They gain awareness of moving multiple parts of their body to accomplish a certain task. To strengthen this, it is important that they maintain hand-eye-feet coordination. This is required for them to perform tasks like catching a ball, drinking from a glass, etc.

A well-developed vestibular system can help prevent many of the problems that can cause poor overall health. It is important that children have a balanced sense of their body’s natural balance. Most children with poorly developed vestibular function might face difficulty in optimally performing basic physical activities, which children their age could smoothly perform. On the other hand, kids with developed surrounding senses may avidly seek to perform tasks that require physical and mental activism. These activities could include swinging, climbing, spinning, etc.

Toys Help the Child Learn Better

Well, eventually your baby would learn to climb naturally, but aiding them with climbing toys has specific perks to it. Parents are getting busier by the day and nearly every activity is virtual. This heavily compromises the playground time of a child. Children born in the past few years have barely seen hard grounds, soil, grass, or other kids of their age. In such situations, Climbing Toys for Kids are a helping hand.

As mentioned above, climbing helps children develop their motor skills. It not only requires them to use their judgement sense but also to manage their hands, feet, and body weight while climbing. This develops their coordination skills from a very young age. Further, it also strengthens their arm, leg, and upper body muscles.

Now, toys play a vital role in helping children achieve the task they have in mind. For example, how Lego blocks help them form structures, which in turn develops their creativity and building abilities. Or how bicycles help them strengthen their leg muscles and road sense. Toys are little tools that help children achieve their goals. So, climbing toys help them build their vestibular system, flexibility, and general problem-solving ability.

Climbing toys help children build their balance, sense of judgment and accomplishment, and stimulate physical and mental development.

Monkey bars, ladders, graphene towers, and climbing ropes are some wonderful ways that aid to develop your toddler’s cerebellar system.

What Toys Should You Consider Buying?

Now, there are a dozen climbing toys for children, for eg. climbing ropes, small-sized ladders, rock climbing games, or toys that contain all of them together.

The most prominent one amongst parents and toddlers these days is the Pikler’s triangle. Although it was invented a century ago by a pediatrician – Emmi Pikler, it continues to be popular in today’s time, the popularity increasing faster than ever The Pikler triangle helps children develop their muscles, motor skills, and other aspects of early development through climbing.

The toy is an elementary wooden triangle with rods across it that can be used as a climbing frame. From a 12-month-old to a 5-year-old, the triangle would intrigue children across a wide age group.

Emmi Pikler believed in the power of play to promote independent learning. She conceptualized her triangle as a way to allow children to move at their own pace. The Pikler triangle is a toy for climbing that a child learns to navigate at his or her own pace. It helps develop fine motor skills and independence by encouraging free play. It also boosts gross motor skills and physical strength. Further, it encourages free play and promotes healthy body movements.

It is one of the most trusted and safe toys for toddlers with physical activism. For instance, The Pikler triangle is a climbing toy, and if kids fall off climbing toys, they’d land on soft surfaces. So always place it on a soft surface, like carpets or padding, and supervise kids as they play.

Some More Options:

Now apart from the Pikler’s toy, there are some other interesting options to choose from. Indoor playgrounds are pretty much like miniature playgrounds, with every facility available right within them. Monkey Bars and Climbing Towers, and climbing arches are other indoor toys that would help your child with climbing. A bit more fun options include Climb ‘N Slide Sets or mountain summit sets and rock-climbing games. These could be used by your child on play dates with their friends.

We at Home for Dreams build each toy for your child keeping in mind Emmi’s century-old theories. We ensure utmost diligence to deliver, a reflection of perfection to you. From using premium materials to making sure that they are an elegant add-on to your home, we care! Also, we make sure that our attempt at helping your child grow, is keeping in mind the environment. Every toy we create is an eco-friendly delight.

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